Siyah Ar-Ge

PMR Vocoder Implementation.

Hardware-implemented Special Vocoder

Project Description

The software implementation of hardware-implemented special vocoder (voice encoder decoder) was implemented (2011).

The implementation included following stages:

  • Encoder: Pre-filtering of digitized data
  • Encoder: Speech analysis and extraction of speech parameters (pitch, voiced/unvoiced frame, spectral amplitudes etc.)
  • Encoder: Parameter encoding (compression of parameters, bit manupiations, error coding etc.)(
  • Decoder: Parameter decoding and error correction
  • Decoder: Speech synthesis from speech parameters
  • Decoder: Post-filtering, error recovery (frame repeating and frame mute)
  • Also the software vocoder library was optimized in order to meet the timing requirements and multi-threading needs.

The software vocoder library is implemented in C++.

Project Details

  • Date November 11, 2014
  • Tags Embedded Systems
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