Siyah Ar-Ge

Fire And Smoke Detection.

Video Processing Based Fire And Smoke Detection System

Project Description


This is a video processing server, called ADA, utilizing image (video) processing algorithms to detect fire and smoke and generating alarm events to other systems.

  • The server is able to receive video from several IP Cameras. Up to 16 cameras can be handled with one ADA server.
  • Integration is possible with other video recording systems.
  • The server sends alarm events in xml format to other systems.
  • The server can also stream video where the fire and smoke alarms are overlayed onto the original video.
  • The server can send the alarm events as email, SMS or MMS.
  • The server is already integrated to Milestone systems as a video analyzer.

Project Details

  • Date November 11, 2014
  • Tags Embedded Systems, Fire And Smoke Detection
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