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  • 15 years of experience on Real-time Operating System concepts (multitasking / multithreading environments, synchronization problems, deadlocks, resource management, system analysis, crash recovery), Embedded Systems Programming, Device Driver development, Firmware development, assembler / C / C++ mixed programming and various components & protocols used in embedded systems: LCD display, smartcard, USB, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, IRDA, serial and parallel ports, DMA, Flash, DiskOnChip, touch panel, MMC/SD card, Video Decoders (ADC) / Scalers / De- interlacers, PCI & VME buses
  • Experience on Windows CE Operating System internals, device driver development, and Pocket PC and Handheld PC packages.
  • Experience on MFC / .NET programming. • Experience on INTEGRITY device driver development
  • Experience on object-oriented programming concepts • Experience on analog video signals, video decoders, audio decoders, overall TV architecture, hardware & software TV design
  •  Experience on DO-178B standards and compliant software development
  •  Experience on digital board design (from schematics to PCB design)
  •  Experience on board / prototype bring-up and validation.
  •  Experience on ARM and MIPS assembler level programming (boot loader).
  •  Experience on Smart Electric Meter design and Narrowband Powerline Communication
  •  Mid-level experience on analog board design. • Mid-level experience on COM/ATL/ActiveX and Java programming.
  • Mid-level experience on networking, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, NDIS specifications.


04/2008 –Current Siyah Ar-Ge LLC, Gazi Teknopark Golbaşı 06830, Ankara, Turkey

  • Technical Manager & Co-founder • Designed an industrial filling & packing machine.
  • Designed (hardware & software) a remote meter reading device; reading related information from the electric meters (via optical port and / or RS485) and sending the information to a remote server over GPRS connection.
  • Designed an automatic plate recognition system utilizing OpenCV components.
  • Provided consultancy services for TITAN BT ( in a next generation video surveillance project
  • Designed an HD video streamer system for a local medical device company.
  • Designed a video capture and management software for a local medical device company.
  • Provided consultancy services (software and architecture development) to TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.) in the air plane modernization projects in which DO-178B certification processes are strictly applied.
  • Implemented audio processing algorithms (encoder & decoder) for ASELSAN to be utilized in Private Mobile Radio systems.
  • Designed a Video Analytics Server capable of detecting fire, smoke, intrusion and pipe breakage through image processing algorithms.

03/2006 – 04/2008 BARIS ELEKTRIK ENDUSTRISI, Esenboga Havalani yolu 23. Km. 06750 Akyurt, Ankara, Turkey 

  • Electronic R&D Manager • Managed the hardware and software design of BASO System (Barmek Otomatik Sayaç Okuma Sistemi – Barmek Automatic Meter Reading System). This system includes monophase and three- phase electric meters “capable of communicating through powerline” and a data collection unit collecting the metering data over powerline and sending these data to database center via GPRS technology. The project is supported by TUBITAK, under the name “ELEKTRİK ENERJİSİ DAĞITIMI YÖNETİM SİSTEMİ / Electric Energy Distribution Management System” with the application number “TEYDEB-3060229” and approximately $1.000.000 budget.
  • Prepared proposals / bids for some major contracts (opened by the companies HAVELSAN, İZMİR JEOTERMAL A.Ş. , TEİAŞ).

02/2004 – 03/2006 BEKO ELECTRONICS, Sehit Fethibey Cad. No: 55, Heris Tower Merkezi, Pasaport Izmir, Turkey 

  • Senior Software Engineer / Project Manager

Managed the design of the HDD-DVD-Recorder-Combo product (based on Cirrus Logic CS98300 & CS92688 chipset) from development board to a real product on the marketplace. This management includes the tasks below:

  • Modification of Cirrus reference hardware to create a “European-market-oriented” and more cost-effective product
  • Board bring-up and testing
  • Customization of the user interface, customization of analog TV related part of the reference software for European TV standards compliance
  • Testing and fixing the bugs on the overall software, creating a stable software
  • Addition of new customer requested features to the system
  • Creating tools to make production / after-sale support easier (safe serial software update, safe CD update, production test software etc.)

03/2003 – 02/2004 TRIDENT MICROSYSTEMS, 1090 East Arques Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 

  • Senior Software / Field Application Engineer / Turkey Representative
  • Created a complete software stack compliant to European TV standards for a LCD-TV device design based on Trident chipset (DPTV / SVP chipset)
  • Provided board bring-up and device driver support for the local customers of Trident Microsystems
  • Managed the relationships between Turkish TV manufacturer companies and Trident Microsystems

11/2000 – 02/2003 BSQUARE, Sunnyvale, CA, USA ( 

  • Senior Software Engineer • Involved in the Windows CE Operating System port to custom hardware platforms based on ARM (SA1110) and XSCALE (Intel PXA250) processors. (This effort includes developing OEM adaptation layer and required modules to be linked with the kernel –interrupt, clock, power etc.-)
  • Developed and maintained various production quality device drivers (LCD display (S1D13806), smartcard, USB client, touch panel, custom keyboard, serial & parallel ports, SPI protocol, Ethernet adapters, DMA, Flash, DiskOnChip, Slow IRDA, GSM module, battery, MMC/SD card etc.) for Windows CE Operating System on ARM (SA1110, L7200) and XSCALE (Intel PXA250) based platforms.
  • Involved in bootloader development, maintenance and enhancement for ARM/XSCALE-based custom hardware platforms.
  • Involved in maintenance and enhancement of the Microchip PIC microcontroller firmware that provided some peripheral functionalities like touch panel, keyboard, battery, LEDs etc.
  • Participated in hardware bring-up and validation of prototypes.
  • Developed a PC application to format and update the bootloader stored in the DiskOnChip Millennium Plus through a JTAG interface without needing any previous firmware on the DiskOnChip.
  • Involved in the Java Virtual Machine port to the WebTV browser (as a special ActiveX plug-in) for Microsoft TV where BSQUARE operated as a contractor.
  • Adapted BELKIN USB TO ETHERNET ADAPTER (F5U111) driver to work with DCT5000 SetTopBox hardware for Microsoft TV where BSQUARE operated as a contractor.
  • Provided customer support and fixed all reported bugs for the Point-Of-Sale device developed by BSQUARE for Bematech ( during the contract period.
  • Developed several software tools to facilitate debugging of software & hardware and applications to make the overall system easy-to-use for the customers.

06/1999 – 11/2000 VESTEL-USA Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA 

  • Design Engineer •
  • Participated in the hardware design of “Internet Phone” device from system design concepts to schematics, layout and prototype board production; involved in the prototype bring-up and validation, and implemented low-level manufacturing test software (assembler / C mixed) for the Internet Phone device.
  • Prepared the parallel / serial port hardware module on the Internet Phone device. (Connected the Exar parallel-serial port chip to ARM / Intel SA1100 processor by using PCMCIA signals and timings).
  • Participated in the design and implementation of the “bootloader” for the Internet Phone device, implemented the parallel port shell communication functionality to download code and get diagnostic messages.
  • Involved in the Windows CE Operating System port to the Internet Phone device.
  • Participated in the development of a “Windows CE / NSC Geode” based “Internet Terminal” device that provides Internet access under constraints of low cost and ease of use.
  • Involved in the Windows CE Operating System port and application software port to the “Internet Terminal” device.
  • Prepared / adapted a special bootloader for the “Internet Terminal” device, which boots from DiskOnChip.
  • Designed Smart Card Reader hardware for Internet Terminal and several Set Top Box devices; designed and implemented “setup application” utilizing the Smart Card technology (including the device driver for Smart Card module in Windows CE) and prepared the “Smart Card personalization software” to initialize the smart cards in mass quantities as specified by “setup application”.

08/1997 – 05/1999 VESTEL ELEKTRONIK, Manisa, TURKEY 

  • Design Engineer
  • Participated in easy-to-manufacture, cost effective redesign and customization of Internet Set Top Box hardware.
  • Implemented organizer software on Motorola ADS821 board using Metrowerks Code Warrior tool. (Based on Motorola PowerPC 821 processor. The software drives a DSTN panel in a non-OS environment.)
  • Prepared the “Smart Card personalization software” for the Internet Set Top Box device to initialize the smart cards in mass quantities. (The application runs on Windows 95/NT and is written by using MFC.)


  • PowerPC Microprocessors, November 1997, Manisa, Turkey
  • pSOS Operating System, December 1997, Ankara, Turkey
  • Gemplus EMPCOS-EMV Microprocessor Cards, July 1997, Marseille, France
  • Programming Gemplus GCI400 Coupler, July 1997, Marseille, France
  • Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 for OEMs, July 1998, Mountain View, CA
  • UCSC Microsoft Windows Application and System Programming Certificate Program, January 2000, Santa Clara, CA
  • DO-178B Software Development Practices, 2009 • INTEGRITY Device Driver Development, 2009


  • General Programming:  C, C++, C#, Java, Assembler (x86, ARM -SA1100/XSCALE-, Motorola, PowerPC, MIPS-based processors, Motorola HC08 / PIC / 8051), Turbo Pascal, BASIC
  • Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows CE, pSOS, INTEGRITY, Linux
  • Software Packages: .NET Framework, Windows CE (2.0, 2.12, 3.00, 4.00 .NET, 4.10), Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools, Borland Turbo / Microsoft Visual C++, Microchip PIC Development Environment, SourceSafe, Subversion, CVS, MS Office, ORCAD / Protel, GNU Tools (Compiler & Linker), Green Hills Compiler & Linkers • Hardware Tools: Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, Signal Generator

Önder Arık

Founder and CTO of Siyah R&D LLC.
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