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Gökhan Moral was born in Bursa, Turkey. After high school education in Bursa Fen Lisesi, he received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical and electronics engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, in June 1999 and January 2002, respectively. He worked in Bilkent University İSYAM from 1999 to 2004 and worked in Barmek Azerbaijan Electricity Network from 2004 to 2008. He is one of the founders and General Manager of Siyah R&D LLC.


04/2008 –Current Siyah Ar-Ge LLC, Gazi Teknopark Golbaşı 06830, Ankara, Turkey 
General Manager & Co-founder

  • Ported Android to custom devices, developed bootloader and HAL libraries, developed custom low-level (kernel and library based) security enhancements and auditing features
  • Designed an automatic plate recognition system.
  • Consultancy services on software development and designed customized GIS (Geographic Information System) software for OYEUS (Forest Fire Early Warning System) project which is developed for the Turkish Forrest Ministry.
  • Providing consultancy services for ISYAM (Communications and Spectrum Management Research Center)
  • Providing consultancy services to TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.) on C130 Modernization Project.

01/2005-04/2008, Barmek Azerbaijan Electricity Network LLC / Barmek Holdings Inc.
IT Director

  • Development of a customer management system for the electricity network, which has more than a million subscribers, by using Oracle Database, Oracle Forms Reports and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
  • Software development for embedded Windows CE based handheld devices.
  • Network and domain management for the country-wide offices and customer service points.
  • Development and installation of PLC (Power Line Communication) systems to manage subscriber meters’ remotely.

06/1999-12/2004, Bilkent University, Communication and Spectrum Management Research Center
Chief Engineer

  • Developing a spectrum management software for National Frequency Management System. Had a major role in analysis, design, implementation and testing of the spectrum engineering components of the project, and in the design of the underlying database management system. Oracle database management tools, Sybase Inc. design and rapid application tools and Microsoft Visual Studio environment have been used in the development environment. Software development standards have been applied; configuration management and documentation have been established in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Technical courses have been given to computer specialists and programmers of Turkish Telecommunications Authority.
  • Design and development of a propagation analysis and microwave link analysis SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Frequency planning for terrestrial digital audio and video broadcasting services (T-DAB and DVB-T) in Turkey.
  • Evaluation of PMR systems and requirements analysis for the security forces in Istanbul.
  • Bid preparation works for national and international tenders.
  • Installing, configuring and managing Oracle Database Server and clients.
  • Designing IEEE 802.11b based outdoor router (on 2001) which was being used to connect several buildings to the campus network.

08/1998-05/1999, Tempo Ltd. Co., Ankara, Turkey
R&D Manager

  • Designing an electronic health, security and shopping machine, which can be used in home and office environment and has the trademark, EasyLife™.
  • Responsibility of the production process.

05/1997-05/1999, Bilkent University Computer Center, Ankara, Turkey
Unix and Network Administrator:

  • Administering over 5000 users, three-campus complex Ethernet network consisting of many department-based LANs separated by several routers, bridges, repeaters, modems, multiplexers, approximately 100 SUN Workstations and servers, over 2500 networked PCs and several other UNIX machines.
  • Consulting various commercial companies and associations including several universities in Turkey about Unix and networking.
  • Responsibility of administering Alpha Personal Workstation and Alpha Server 4100 for CEM (Computational ElectroMagnetics) in Electrics-Electronics Department.

04/1996-04/1997, Prosoft İletişim Sistemleri Ltd. (Netscape and SCO Unix distributer in Turkey)

  • Providing technical support for SCO Unix, Specialix network products, Netscape Servers and JSB network products for Windows environment.
  • Seting up various networks for commertial firms, military and several hotels.
  • Giving a course on C/C++ for Halk Bank personnel.

02/1996, IBM Türk Limited Şirketi

  • Giving Visual C++ course to Military personnel (Bayrak Garnizonu, Ankara)


  • Low level mobile systems’ kernel and library development, Android porting
  • Spectrum Engineering: Development and implementation of algorithms to make propagation simulations, interference analysis and spectrum planning of the frequency range from 30 kHz to 40 GHz.
  • Software Engineering: C/C++/C#, Microsoft Visual Studio (V2.0 through 2013), MFC, COM, ATL, ActiveX, .NET Framework, Delphi, Java, Network Programming, Python, QT, System Programming (device driver and kernel development)
  • System Administration: Monitoring and improving system security, maintaining the interoperability of Unix and Windows based systems. Oracle RDBMS (V.9-V.11g)
  • Network Administration: CISCO, Firewalls, Monitoring network and computer equipment, custom Linux-based routers configuration and troubleshooting, Evaluating and proposing the acquisition of new networking products and new systems system faults, Planning for the growth of the entire backbone into new subnets, Installing and maintaining routers, bridges, wireless bridges, repeaters, multiplexers, terminal servers and modems
  • Microchip PIC and ATMEL based microcontroller programming and applications,
  • Device driver and hardware development
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) systems development and applications.

Gökhan MORAL

Founder and CEO of Siyah R&D LLC.
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